Inspired by: the Coast

We have long been inspired by the coast, specifically its quiet power and ever-evolving nature.

It is fascinating that the same winds that erode cliff faces also create massive dunes from minuscule grains of sand, how the surf is both a shattering force and a gentle foam, and how treasures emerge at low tide that are unexpected yet were always present. The shore is a constant blend of old and new, strength and vulnerability, hidden and revealed—much like the women we design for.  

So when we were looking to develop our first exclusive pattern, collaborating with The Whelan Girls design studio was a natural fit. These three sisters and business partners are also influenced by the coast, which they beautifully incorporate into their high-end gift paper line. Their modern interpretations and their ability to capture its laid-back energy and approachable sophistication through the use of color and pattern is what we wanted for our shirts.

Combining this inspiration into three designs was a special experience. The designs launch soon, but in the meantime, we wanted to share a few photographs that were a particular influence, taken by our founder of Portugal's Algarve region. Hope you enjoy.

xx Field Trip

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