Julie McAllister of For Heaven Bakes

Julie McAllister of For Heaven Bakes in Charleston, SC in her Field Trip balloon sleeve shirt

There are casual bakers, there are serious bakers, and then there is Julie McAllister.

I had to add icing to a plain cookie cake once and it was a nightmare, so I am floored every time I see one of her 3D cake creations. She is definitely a woman going further in her industry. 

She's made cakes for the likes of Reese Witherspoon and was recently on the cover of Entertain and Celebrate magazine, but my favorite examples are her cakes inspired by pop culture, like TV shows Tiger King and Schitt's Creek.

Seriously. These are cakes. 

A 3D cake inspired by Neflix's "Tiger King" by For Heaven Bakes in Charleston, SC A 3D cake inspired by TV show "Schitt's Creek" by For Heaven Bakes in Charleston, SC

She also happens to be exceedingly thoughtful (she emails me every time she wears her Field Trip shirt to tell me how she styled it), is 100% present for any conversation you have with her, and has a cheeky sense of humor that is evident in her creations as well as in her company name, For Heaven Bakes

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her this past year and I hope you enjoy getting to know her more as well. Make sure to give her a follow on Instagram and if you are in the Charleston area, order the craziest cake you can think of!  

Tea or coffee? coffee

First thing you do when you get up in the morning? make coffee

Last thing you do before you go to bed? set my alarm

If you were limited to one make-up product, what would it be? Does chapstick count?

Carry on or checked? carry on

Item you cannot travel without? also chapstick

Mountains or beach? beach!

Pajamas—cotton or silk? cotton

I’m at my best when I’ve ____: had a good night's sleep

Favorite vacation spot? Palmetto Bluff

If you could have one superhero skill, what would it be? read people's minds

Cheetos or puffs? puffs

Favorite fashion accessory? earrings

Fiction or non-fiction? fiction

Favorite childhood toy? tie between Barbie and my Easy Bake Oven

Your calendar--written or digital? written

Typical breakfast? steel-cut oatmeal

I admire people who can ___: charge what they're worth for their product/service without feeling guilty.

Something you’d like to learn or do that no one else knows about? play the violin

First concert? Is it weird that I can't remember this? I remember going to so many concerts when I was younger, but genuinely have no memory of which was the first.

Favorite children's book? The Giving Tree [insert small sobbing noise]

Birkenstocks: yes or no? No, for me. But I respect you if you can pull them off!

How do you say it: koozie or kosy? koozie

Favorite decade of music? 60's

Sparkling or still? Sparkling

Last book you read? The Jetsetters

If you had an extra hour in your day, how would you spend it? uninterrupted brainstorming

Baths or showers? AM - showers, PM - baths

Favorite saying from your mom during childhood? So this isn't a saying from my mom, but she used to tell me that her mom (my grandmother) said this all the time when they were growing up and I thought it was the funniest thing ever: "That boy has more nerve than my wisdom tooth."

Skill you’ve had to learn/improve during quarantine? washing more dishes in a single day!

Show or tell? both

Julie McAllister of For Heaven Bakes in the Field Trip balloon sleeve in white

It's definitely been my favorite to wear with shorts (dress shorts and casual shorts), and then to really dress it up I'll pair it with a long skirt. Then a third way I've been wearing it (that I didn't get a photo of) was underneath a denim summer dress. It really is the most versatile piece of clothing I own—thank you for creating something so wonderful!


Learn more about Julie on her website and Instagram.

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