Katie Haskins of Capsule women's boutique

Katie Haskins, owner of Capsule women's boutique in Augusta, Georgia

I've know Katie Haskins, owner of Capsule women's boutique in Augusta, Georgia, for almost seven years now. One of the first things I noticed about Katie is that she always leaves me feeling better than I started—she calls me "love" or "goose", she has one of the best smiles on the planet, and she exhibits a personal generosity that seems limitless—which might be why so many women in Augusta are loyal customers. Katie and Capsule are about helping women of all ages look and feel their best—her clients range from "teen to queen", two often-overlooked age groups when it comes to quality clothing—which is why we are excited to feature her as one of our inaugural #womenwhogofarther. 

She's not only super-talented, she also hysterically funny. So I was excited that she was game for answering our rapid-fire questions. Her video shows off the playful side of Katie that I adore so much. I hope you enjoy getting to know her more. 

Tea or coffee? Definite, coffee. I like it black.

First thing you do when you get up in the morning? First thing I do is check my phone, I hate to say.

Last thing you do before you go to bed?  Probably plug my phone in and kiss my husband.

If you were limited to one make-up product, what would it be? Ooh, that's a toss up.  I love a good brow and I love a good lip, but if I had to pick, probably brow.

Carry on or checked? Have you seen my shoes?! Definite checked.

Item you cannot travel without? Fragrance. I love a good roller-ball. You can just stick it in your bag.

Mountains or beach? Definite beach babe.

Pajamas—cotton or silk? Cotton. Sorry, honey.

I’m at my best when I’ve ____: Definitely when I've had a cocktail.

Favorite vacation spot? The beach. I want to be hot and sandy all the time.

If you could have one superhero skill, what would it be? Maybe teleporting.

Cheetos or puffs? Cheetos

Favorite fashion accessory? the obi belt

Fiction or non-fiction? What's that? ;)

Favorite childhood toy? Probably the Barbie doll.

Your calendar—written or digital? Long-term planning is written. Daily reminders is digital.

Typical breakfast? Starbucks drive-thru: egg-white bites and tall black coffee

I admire people who can _____: sing

Something you’d like to learn or do that no one else knows about? how to breathe through a mask

First concert? Fifth grade. Dixie Chicks.

Favorite children's book? Go, Dog. Go!

Describe your home state (Georgia) in three words? home sweet home

Birkenstocks: yes or no? Absolute yes as long as they are metallic. You can't get too granola.

How do you say it: koozie or kosy? What is a kosy?! It's definitely a koozie.

Favorite decade of music? the 90s, 100%. I had the best nanny. She would drive us around in her little red convertible Cabriolet and we'd jam out. It was the best.

Sparkling or still? sparkling

Last book you read? Goodnight Moon

If you had an extra hour in your day, how would you spend it? Probably with my little kiddos all snuggled up on the couch.

Last spontaneous thing you did? drank mid-day

Baths or showers? Definite shower. I don't like laying in my own nastiness.

Favorite saying from your mom during childhood? "Sometimes you try new things, you like 'em."

Skill you’ve had to learn/improve during quarantine? Talking on film.

Show or tell? Show.

Show us some ways you’ve styled Field Trip shirts to date: 

Shop the looks: (1) Twiggy tunic; Field Trip balloon sleeve in white; polka dot handbag; earrings (2) Field Trip half sleeve in navy; necklace; mini skirt; platform sandals (3) Field Trip reversible flutter sleeve in navy; pants; shoes; earrings

Learn more about Katie and Capsule Augusta on their website and Instagram.

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