Rebecca Britton + Rachel Kassinger of Twinnks bras

Rebecca Britton and Rachel Kassinger of Twinnks bras

Identical twin sisters Rebecca Britton and Rachel Kassinger launched their bra line, Twinnks, earlier this year just as I was launching Field Trip. Since both of our brands focus on women's comfort and confidence, our mutual friend Cheri Leavy of The Southern C introduced us as kindred spirits...and the rest is history.

Rachel and Rebecca spent four years solving the issue of the "visible cup line"—a huge accomplishment in an industry that hasn't changed the way bras are made for decades—but they've also created a bra that is so comfortable that I've slept in it. More than once. I am now the owner of two Twinnks bras, and will be the first in line to buy another two when their nude shade arrives in a few weeks. They are definitely #womenwhogofarther.

I was thrilled that they were willing to answer our rapid-fire questions and show us how they've been wearing their Field Trip shirts. Being indentical twins, I was excited to see how their answers compared (apparently, not everything is identical). I hope you enjoy getting to know them more.

Tea or coffee?

  • Rachel: Coffee
  • Rebecca: Coffee

First thing you do when you get up in the morning? 

  • Rachel: Brush my teeth and make a bottle for my son.
  • Rebecca: Assuming you mean after brushing teeth: I make coffee and my to-do list for the day. I work on Twinnks for the first few hours of the day then have to balance corporate job (ughh).

Last thing you do before you go to bed? 

  • Rachel: Watch mindless TV. Usually something on Bravo, Family Guy, or Bob's Burgers (I'm very deep).
  • Rebecca: Decompress with an episode of The Office.

If you were limited to one make-up product, what would it be? 

Carry on or checked? 

  • Rachel: Checked! It's so freeing to have nothing but a purse.
  • Rebecca: Carry on. Who the hell wants to wait at baggage claim? I'm in & out.

Item you cannot travel without? 

Rebecca Britton and Rachel Kassinger of Twinnks bras - true crime fans Halloween fun for these true crime fans 

  • Rachel: Earphones and a huge catalog of true crime podcasts.
  • Rebecca: My tailbone has been broken since I was 18, so my donut/ass pillow.

Mountains or beach? 

  • Rachel: I love both, but if I have to choose: mountains.
  • Rebecca: Tough…depends on the season but I think beach.

Pajamas—cotton or silk? 

  • Rachel: Cotton
  • Rebecca: Cotton. I think I would sweat in silk

I’m at my best when I’ve ____: 

  • Rachel: had a good run, put my baby to sleep & settled into my couch with a nice glass of red. My best life!
  • Rebecca: gone on a run while jamming rap

Favorite vacation spot? 

  • Rachel: That's so hard! It's definitely between 30A and Highlands, North Carolina.
  • Rebecca: 30a (in Florida) or Charleston 

If you could have one superhero skill, what would it be? 

  • Rachel: Teleportation
  • Rebecca: The power to not feel a hangover after a night of wine

Cheetos or puffs? 

  • Rachel: Neither really, but Cheetos.
  • Rebecca: Puffs

Favorite fashion accessory? 

  • Rachel: A very simple gold necklace that I wear everyday. It has a diamond that my mother-in-law gave me and a small round charm with an R engraved in it.
  • Rebecca: Sunglasses, always. There are different styles for different outfits, so I'm forced to buy several!

Fiction or non-fiction? 

  • Rachel: Non-fiction
  • Rebecca: Non-fiction

Favorite childhood toy? 

  • Rachel: I really loved my American Girl Doll, Molly (the nerd).
  • Rebecca: American Girl dolls, specifically Samantha because I thought she looked like Kelly Kapowski from "Saved by the Bell".

Your calendar—written or digital? 

  • Rachel: Digital
  • Rebecca: Both. I don't fully trust doing only one because I'm a lunatic.

Typical breakfast? 

  • Rachel: Two eggs w/ spinach & sharp cheddar
  • Rebecca: Oatmeal with almond butter, honey and dried fruit

I admire people who can _____: 

  • Rachel: be productive without coffee. I don't get you people.
  • Rebecca: fall asleep in less than an hour OR people who can speak to a huge room of people. I welcome tips for both!

Something you’d like to learn or do that no one else knows about? 

  • Rachel: This is no secret, but I'd love to take a public speaking class. I'm terrible at it.
  • Rebecca: Learn how to meditate (I've tried but it's hard to focus!).

First concert? 

  • Rachel: N'Sync in 2000 - Atlanta, GA. It was epic.
  • Rebecca: Matchbox Twenty

Favorite children's book? 

Describe your home state in three words? 

  • Rachel: Southern. Conservative. Football (Alabama)
  • Rebecca: git-r-done

Birkenstocks: yes or no?

  • Rachel: Yes! Love 90s nostalgia. 
  • Rebecca: YES. CHIC.

How do you say it: koozie or kosy? 

  • Rachel: Koozie
  • Rebecca: Koozie

Favorite decade of music? 

  • Rachel: 90s, FOR SURE. All of it: grunge, pop, hip hop. Love. 
  • Rebecca: 90s no doubt. Specifically grunge.

Sparkling or still? 

  • Rachel: Both, but I'll go with sparkling (assuming we're talking wine?)
  • Rebecca: Still

Last book you read? 

If you had an extra hour in your day, how would you spend it? 

  • Rachel: Ideally, relaxing. Realistically, work on Twinnks.
  • Rebecca: With my husband sitting in our adirondacks with rosé.

Last spontaneous thing you did? 

  • Rachel: Bought a plane ticket to Chicago to visit my friend (pre-COVID, obviously).
  • Rebecca: Moved to Greenville with my (then) boyfriend. It was a two-week decision.

Baths or showers? 

  • Rachel: Showers
  • Rebecca: Showers

Favorite saying from your mom during childhood? 

  • Rachel: "GO GIRL!" it used to be embarrassing, but now I'm here for it. Love the encouragement!
  • Rebecca: "Go, Girl!"

Skill you’ve had to learn/improve during quarantine? 

  • Rachel: Balancing work and play while staying at home.
  • Rebecca: Time management. Quarantine has, oddly enough, kept me insanely busy.

Show or tell? Show.

Show us the ways you’ve worn the half sleeve to date:

Rachel Kassinger of Twinnks bras wearing her Field Trip half sleeve shirtRebecca Britton of Twinnks bras in her Field Trip half sleeve shirt

  • Rachel: Being stuck at home, I've worn it to work and just chill around my house. Also to play with my son!
  • Rebecca: at home happy hour on our back deck 


Learn more about Twinnks on their website and Instagram

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