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Econ Class: Cost Per Wear

Econ Class: Cost Per Wear

We started Field Trip not to make statement clothing, but elevated essentials you would turn to again and again, both in your daily life and in travel. And we make our clothing to last, so you can wear them for years to come. So it probably isn't a huge surprise that we love a good cost per wear story.

Recently, Libba Osborne (the PR pro behind ADD LIB creative consulting) told us she wears a Field Trip shirt at least twice a week! Naturally, we got out our calculators. 


She's worn her shirts a total of 183 times. Some of them already have a cost per wear of $5.43.


That's lower than our daily Starbucks run. And it lasts a lot longer. :)

Talk about dollars and sense.


Email us your story! We'd love to hear how often you wear your Field Trip shirt (and see photos of your favorite outfit combinations).

Or find your next 100+ wear shirt.

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