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Although their boats may look different—and they may be headed to different ports—my favorite thing is watching women go out into the world. And the world is better for it.


This is the reason I started Field Trip. I want engaged, curious, passionate women out in the world. Making their mark. Feeling comfortable, confident, beautiful, and at ease with themselves. 

I do not want them held back by their clothing.

I do not want them spending one more minute indecisively in their closets. Or taking days to pack for a trip. Nor do I want them settling for clothing that "looks the part" but is uncomfortable or doesn't reflect their unique personalities. I don't want them changing outfits multiple times a day (who has time for that?). I do not want them falling back on a uniform of athleisure wear because it is "easy", then turning down opportunities because they are too embarrassed to run into someone they know. 

A couple of years ago, this was me. 

So I set out to make it easier for women to be well-dressed...without sacrificing quality, style, comfort, and ease of care. So they can get dressed quickly, stay dressed all day, and look like put-together grown-ups in the process. Clothing that goes further...so women can go farther.

Here's to spending less time getting dressed and more time making your mark in the world.

- Dominique Paye, founder



Why the name Field Trip?

I love the sense of wonderment that these two words conjure up. Remember those field trips as a kid—the anticipation of the unknown, an openness to receive and experience whatever the day will hold, and the camaraderie of a shared experience was magical. For me and for many women I know, it still is. That is who I am making clothes for. Women who are curious, engaged with, and excited about life, who want to approach every day as a field trip whether they are going to Portugal or the pharmacy.

So what is the proper clothing for the field trip of busy adulthood?

As a kid, we received a list of "recommended clothing" for these field trips. This list was my first insight into how my attire could embolden my confidence for the day’s adventure. With the proper clothing, I felt I could handle anything a field trip could throw at me.  

Back then, this clothing simply needed to stand up to the elements and keep you comfortable. But as a grown woman, I need more than comfort and functionality (i.e. athleisure wear) to feel confident. I want to look appropriate—and feelbeautiful—throughout a day that might alternate between being a carpool driver, business owner, last-minute lunch date, community volunteer, evening meal chef, amateur therapist, sports fan, and bedtime story reader.

Our shirts are just this—a beautiful, grown-up version of those confidence-inspiring childhood field trip uniforms. I want curious, engaged women “going farther into the world” to have clothing that supports all the adventures of their day.

Clothing that goes further so women can go farther.