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Boxy Tee in French Stripe

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Available for pre-order.

Originally designed to solve a travel problem—a shirt that could handle the challenges of an international travel day while looking polished and pulled together—the boxy tee quickly made its way into our every day wardrobe, too.

The boxy body, wide sleeves, and super-breathable 100% cotton are comfortable, create amazing airflow, and allow for a wide range of movement. Perfect for running through airports, hauling luggage, and trying to sleep upright in a 17-in seat. Or for running around town, juggling to-dos, and trying to catch a nap in carpool line.

Quality woven European fabrics, classic colors, a crew neckline, and a straight hem that looks great tucked or untucked brings the polish. Because who wants to look shlumpy in a European customs line? Or even in the local checkout line?

The lightweight fabric easily layers over long-sleeve tees and under sweaters and jackets. Perfect for managing a plane's temperature swings, but also for all-season wear.