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The most beautiful clothing in the world is wasted if you want to take it off the minute you put it on.


We want you to be so comfortable that you get dressed and never notice your clothes again (unless you pass a mirror, wink wink). No pinching underarms, rolling and re-rolling sleeves all day, or being afraid to bend over or reach up.

We do it by focusing on five points of fit.


We believe in seeing your watch, bending your arms, and avoiding sleeves in your dishwater...without having to roll (and re-roll) cuffs all day. Our long sleeves end 2-3 inches above your wrist bone—enough to remain long, without covering you jewelry or getting in the way of hand washing—and our short sleeves about an inch before your elbow so they don't bunch up when you bend your arms. We also control the volume of our sleeves so they don't drag across dirty surfaces and are easier to layer.


Are you hot natured or an anxiety sweater? We hear you. Our arm openings are designed to maximize air flow, but are structured enough to fit under a blazer or sweater. And there is never any pinching in the armpits.


Whether we use a bias cut to add stretch without adding volume, a rounder cut to keep fabric away from the body, or a fabric with natural stretch, our goal is to have you reaching all day with ease.


We utilize side vents to provide movement in the hips (and avoid fabric bunching up around in the stomach area) while remaining tailored.


We design the body long enough to provide coverage when you reach up and bend down, but not so long that it isn't flattering on the hips. In some styles, we also use graduated front-to-back lengths for additional coverage. 


Clothing that goes further for women who go farther.

See our detailed sizing guide by style here.