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I love the sense of wonderment that these two words conjure up. Remember those field trips as a kid—the anticipation of the unknown, an openness to receive and experience whatever the day will hold, and the camaraderie of a shared experience was magical. For me and for many women I know, it still is. That is who I am making clothes for. Women who are curious, engaged with, and excited about life, who want to approach every day as a field trip whether they are going to Portugal or the pharmacy.

So what is the proper clothing for the field trip of busy adulthood?

As a kid, we received a list of "recommended clothing" for these field trips. This list was my first insight into how my attire could embolden my confidence for the day’s adventure. With the proper clothing, I felt I could handle anything a field trip could throw at me.  

Back then, this clothing simply needed to stand up to the elements and keep you comfortable. But as a grown woman, I need more than comfort and functionality (i.e. athleisure wear) to feel confident. I want to look appropriate—and feelbeautiful—throughout a day that might alternate between being a carpool driver, business owner, last-minute lunch date, community volunteer, evening meal chef, amateur therapist, sports fan, and bedtime story reader.

Our shirts are just this—a beautiful, grown-up version of those confidence-inspiring childhood field trip uniforms. I want curious, engaged women “going farther into the world” to have clothing that supports all the adventures of their day.

Clothing that goes further so women can go farther.