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Three Reasons Our Clothing Works From Home

Three Reasons Our Clothing Works From Home

When we started Field Trip, we wanted our clothing to work from home — polished enough to separate our work hours from our lounge hours (because the boundary struggle is real), but practical enough to handle the multitude of daily chores and interruptions without requiring an outfit change (dog messes, kid messes, dinner prep + clean up on our lunch know the drill).

So we wore every item in our closet, timed how long before we wanted to change into sweats, and then fixed the reason why.

Here were our three top offenders: 



Precious, dry-clean-only fabrics are fine if you are sitting still at a keyboard all day. But our #WFH life is a little less predictable and a lot more active (again, muddy dog). So we only source fabrics that are polished and machine washable because, realistically, your clothes need to roll with all of the role changes of your day.



No one likes sleeves that fall in the dishwater (annoying) or scrunch up in the crook of your elbow while you type (distracting). So we design each style with sleeve lengths that stay out of your way. No rubber band trick or re-rolling needed. 



Anxiety sweaters, we feel you. Underarms that are cut too close, coupled with a stressful day at work, had us running for an outfit change in record time. So we cut our underarms with a little more room for airflow and use only natural breathable fabrics so even if you feel anxiety sweats coming on, you won't see them.


Learn more about our five points of fit, our fabrics, and find a piece that works for you.


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